Oh guys, I'm so excited to share something from the house ahhh! So we are making a lot of progress over there and today was day 16 of the house renovation-woot woot! Here is the progress we have made so far on the upstairs bathroom....
Progress as of 6/24/15
Progress as of 6/24/15
Progress as of 6/24/15
Here is what we did:

  • Cleaned the walls/doors/ceilings with vinegar, baking soda & hot water to clean off the dust & cigarette smoke
  • Removed the baseboard heater
  • Removed all hardware
  • Filled all holes, dents & where the baseboard heater was removed with mud & sanded all walls
  • Primed all walls, ceilings & cabinet
  • Painted the ceiling (Sherwin Williams Greek Villa)
  • Painted the walls (Sherwin Williams Repose Gray)
  • Painted the trim (Sherwin Williams Greek Villa)
  • Painted the cabinet (Sherwin Williams Porpoise)

I have new handles for the cabinet that I'm super excited about & plans for the mirror which you can't see in these pictures haha. Can't wait to get some hardware back in & decorate this room. I had to add my sweet succulents for now ;)

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Yes, just do it. Even once a year is better than nothing! 


Hey, you asked!
I use baking soda & vinegar together. Takes the grime & stains off!
Now you are wondering how yours looks...
It's a white fridge!?!
Basic Refrigerator Cleaner Recipe:

16 oz Spray Bottle
8 oz Warm Water
8 oz White Vinegar
1 tsp Baking Soda

You can use this on the inside & outside of your refrigerator. For tougher jobs, sprinkle baking soda right onto a cloth that has the vinegar mixture on it and scrub in circular motions. Natural cleaning at it's finest!

We are officially homeowners!!!!!

....and we are up to our eyeballs in the cleaning process. There isn't much to see yet just cause it's all vinegar, baking soda, mops and rags right now. Today was day 2 and we are close to being done with getting the upstairs smoke/dust/grime free! Unbelievable work getting the smoke out but the vinegar is working super well. Totally recommend it. Basically a 1:1 ratio with diluting white vinegar to hot water. We are using a sponge mop to scrub the ceilings and walls, then using rags to wipe down the brownish yellow drips and going over it again with clean water and vinegar mixture again. The places that are the worst needed 4 times going over and a little added baking soda but they are as clean as possible and ready for the next step.

Here are a few pictures I snapped while we were over there! 
Joe is the man. He will get the grass to grow and he owned
a landscape company in Nashville, TN. Soooo he will
totally do some amazing landscaping! :D

The windows are pretty darn dirty
Mopping the walls...weird sounding but works
really well to get them scrubbed! :)
This one side of the cabinet....just the side

THIS. Wowzers ya'll. Hello smoke & grease.

Well ya'll, that's it for now. Not much yet but get ready....I'm searching for bathroom flooring. We got our other flooring picked out and I'm finalizing paint colors. The super fun part!!!!

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