#1 Bathroom Thus Far (no pun intended)


Oh guys, I'm so excited to share something from the house ahhh! So we are making a lot of progress over there and today was day 16 of the house renovation-woot woot! Here is the progress we have made so far on the upstairs bathroom....
Progress as of 6/24/15
Progress as of 6/24/15
Progress as of 6/24/15
Here is what we did:

  • Cleaned the walls/doors/ceilings with vinegar, baking soda & hot water to clean off the dust & cigarette smoke
  • Removed the baseboard heater
  • Removed all hardware
  • Filled all holes, dents & where the baseboard heater was removed with mud & sanded all walls
  • Primed all walls, ceilings & cabinet
  • Painted the ceiling (Sherwin Williams Greek Villa)
  • Painted the walls (Sherwin Williams Repose Gray)
  • Painted the trim (Sherwin Williams Greek Villa)
  • Painted the cabinet (Sherwin Williams Porpoise)

I have new handles for the cabinet that I'm super excited about & plans for the mirror which you can't see in these pictures haha. Can't wait to get some hardware back in & decorate this room. I had to add my sweet succulents for now ;)

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