Patio Furniture Makeover

Today we were supposed to close on our new house, but like most got moved to sometime before May 8th. So we shall see...
In the meantime, I worked on this DIY project for a event at my church to show while talking about DIY Furniture.

So, I got this set for free! Yay! It did not have seats and it wasn't pretty but I took it cause it had glass and the 3 chairs and I love the backs of the chairs. Plus it didn't need any other repairs besides figuring out the seat dilemma and a little color haha!

I wanted to document what I did for you. So I took a few pictures along the way...

First step was sanding down everything to get this peeling paint off and give a smooth surface to apply the spray paint.

After sanding and using a cloth to wipe dust off, we spray painted! This
spray paint is amazing. It's by Rust-Oleum "Hammered" Dark Bronze

The plywood I got was a extra piece sitting in my Moms garage and had some staples in it that needed to be removed.
This was taken after we cut the plywood down to size.

Sanding the plywood down for a smooth finish and to remove imperfections from the wood.

After sanding the plywood. 
Ahhh getting excited!!!
Since these chairs are going to be outdoors and the seats are plywood we had
to apply a water sealer. We chose Thompsons Water Sealer. A couple coats do
the trick, but you do have to keep these out of rain for the first 24 hours afterwards.

Marking the places on the board where we will attach to the seat
using screws. Thankfully the seats already had the metal hole for
the seat to attach easily with just a couple screws. No need to buy
extra hardware and figure out how to attach the seat to the
metal frame!

Now to remember how it looked BEFORE the love.
Ahhh I just LOVE how this set turned out. A little industrial feel with the wood seats and it won't show dirt with the bronze color paint! I may have sewn a couple throw pillows for added comfort and to add color for summer ;)

I am so excited to take this over to our new house and put it to good use! For now, it sits and waits to go in my garage :)
Have you taken on a patio furniture project? I would love to see pictures of your project!!


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