Our Garden (to be!)

Our garden has begun! This year we want to grow some organic vegetables to eat all summer long!

First we decided where the best place for the garden would be. Somewhere with plenty of sunshine throughout the day...We found that beside our garage would be a good spot for a small garden!

I know this picture doesn't show the sun :P
But it's because it was cloudy and rainy on Easter Sunday
when we actually started digging up dirt :)

We started digging and pulling out the grass
About half-way through we hit into this root. Joe got
out his handy dandy saw and cut this guy out!
small hand saw
The Root

Our little garden is about 2 feet out from the garage and
12 feet down the side of the garage.

We added some Humus to our dirt and mixed it in well
with the soil. Humus helps the soil retain moisture and
also encourages the formation of good soil structure.

We can't wait to get the fertilizer in there and the seeds planted! The weather is calling for a lot of rain and storms so we thought it'd be best to wait to plant so that it wouldn't wash away everything we plant! :) 

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