Planter Box Planting

Joe had a few leftover flowers from a job he did and I got to keep them! Yay!

There is a planter box on our patio that came with our house and I've been wanting to fill it up with color! The flowers he had are called Vinca's. Very pretty flowers that will continue to grow up and over the side of the planter box! 

just needed to pull out the tiny weeds..

Ready for the flowers!

Vinca Flowers

I like to set them on top of where I'm going to plant
to  see what they will look like..

These flowers are so pretty when they are blooming.
They swirl!
Here they are sitting on top of the soil
& ready to be planted

Added just a little Humus on top to create the dark soil
look and to keep them healthy!



Happy to have planted our first flowers! :)
(& that they are colorful too!)


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