No Sewing Involved? Perfect!

I really wanted to cover some old pillows for on our bed in our bedroom. I found some fabric at the thrift store and wanted to cover them, but only sewing machine. I thought of sewing them by hand, but really? That would take a really looong time and I'm more of a I-want-it-done-right-now kind of person. :)
A facebook status led to our Aunt Amy suggesting iron-on seam stuff...I'd never heard of such a thing! So I started Googling and sure enough Steam-A-Seam 2 seemed to be the best and it was at Joann's! Last night, I finally got around to starting the pillows and seeing if it really worked like it said it was going to. (Plus, I needed something easy because I get impatient with little detailed things that take a long time. )

Here's the pillow BEFORE
My workspace in the basement :)
1. Wash, Iron and cut your material so there's no
wrinkles and your fabric is clean and ready
to steam-a-seam!

2. Fold in both sides of fabric so that they look
like this. Iron it so you know where you want
your seam. Using the Steam-A-Seam, tear off
the length you will need and stick it in between
the fabric. Make sure you make a straight line
otherwise your pillow will be crooked ;)
3. After it's in there put the fabric back down.
Double check that everything is right.
Then iron over it for 10-15 seconds. Let cool for
about 15-20 seconds before moving it around
so you don't move the hot glue that is bonding.
 I couldn't wait and wanted to make sure that it was
working I went ahead and stuck the pillow into
the case that was forming and yep! Perfect seam!
(I was afraid it would pull apart :P )
I did 3 sides and left one side open to put the
pillow inside before seaming up the last
open part. Because the last one after the
pillow is in is different...cause there's a big
fat pillow in there holding your fabric
up weird! :P On the last I had to tuck all the
fabric in neatly (After putting the pillow inside)
and then put the sticky strip inside in sections.
The above picture is on the last little section of
the pillow.
Ironing the last bit of glue into the corner to
make sure it stays.
Voila! New pillow! ;)

Success!! Quick and easy and there were no tears or impatient huffs! Just smiles and yay's when I saw how awesome they were beginning to look! 

I did two other pillows too!

Here is the end result..

And here is how our bedroom is coming along...

Still on the look out for another side table for my side ;)
But for right now that wooden circle table top with
a black tablecloth on it will work just fine ;)
Here is our dresser. Got one knob on it.
The other knobs are being transferred over
from a different store because my store only
had one...I can't wait till they come in on Tuesday!
It's getting there...Tuesday the drawer knobs will be in and 
I will show it to you guys as soon as I put them on! :)

Next, I need to find some window decor...I have the hardware, just need some panels of some sorts...oh and to change out the yellowy blinds that are above the bed...


Here is what I used! ------>

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