Thrift Store Treasure Hunting

As I was falling asleep last night my brain was going crazy picturing our bedroom. I've got so many things I want to see! Pale, vintage yellows and a teal kind of blue and a sage green. This goes with our black and white bedding..I want to find some fabric to cover a few old pillows and make decorative pillows for on our bed. Our glossy black vintage dresser still needs hardware. We still need curtains too so this could take a while since we need to stay on budget. Thrift stores are my favorite! You can find treasure's for cheap cheap cheap! 

#1 Find!
Fabric! I was looking for these kind of colors...and I got them for $2! It's cool at a thrift store like that.. they just package up old scraps of fabric and sell them anywhere from .69-$3.99 and if you are lucky you find some with the daily color tag on it for 50% off!

I'm going to be using these 3 fabrics for covering a few pillows that we already have. Bout time! These pillows have been sitting around doing nothing but taking up space for 3 years!

#2 Find! 
On my wanted list...I had a small, skinny lamp listed. I found one today! 

$2 and it's even white and not some strange color! 
(Of course, we could always spray paint it hah!)

#3 Find!
While paying for my handful of goods I glanced around to see if there was anything good looking from the cash register..and lo and behold! (haha) I spotted a small end table with two drawers that looked like it might do the trick for beside our bed!
As you may have seen, this is our nightstand as of right now....

Stylish isn't it? 

I walked over there, tested the drawers...they worked good..then I thought, yeah this is going to be like $15-$20 and I knew I didn't want to spend more than $8 for it..
Well, it must have been my lucky day cause it was $6.99 and my heart got happy and I grabbed that baby up and waddled to the register with my other new treasure :)

Now, she ain't much to look at right here...but I saw potential in her. (Just like her roommate to be!) 

I like the design of her...the bamboo looking pieces that are on the drawers just give her something extra..Now, to be honest, I would've liked to find a bedside table with legs instead of a rectangle bottom piece, but I'm still on the look out so that we can both have night stands ;)
Today, I had some extra spray paint from painting the roommate piece that I keep talking I took the hardware off, cleaned her up and started the process of spray painting. While she was drying I thought I'd take the handles inside and see if we could shine them up to look better (like we did with the kitchen hardware) Sure enough! It worked perfectly! A little vinegar and a soap pad works wonders! (Learn more on how to clean kitchen hardware here)

Now I know you want to see what the night stand looks like now! 

Sooo happy with the way it turned out! $7 for a nightstand for our bedroom! Booyah!

Now it's your turn!
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