How To: Clean Kitchen Hardware

Dilemma: Our kitchen hardware was black. We both knew there was some type of metal underneath and found that it was copper. We didn't want to spend the money to replace the hardware, but we needed to find a way to clean it, and clean it GOOD! :)

Solution: Joe had heard somewhere that vinegar was a natural cleaning agent. So we googled what people had done and decided to try some of the tips we had heard. 

Here's the HUGE difference cleaning these
little guys made! *Happy Dance*
Soaking all the hardware. (The toothbrush method of cleaning
off all the grime didn't work for us. I think it's because there was
a lot of grime and tarnish from 60 years of existence!)
Before Pictures

Now after some light scrubbing with the SOS Pads...
Check out this comparison!

I am so completely impressed with this snazzy trick
of how to clean your kitchen hardware! :)

I couldn't wait to put a couple on the drawers and cabinets
to see how good they look!

Screwing on the cabinet handle :)
We are looking good so far! :D

Want to give your cabinets a makeover?

What you need:
White Vinegar
Large Bowl or Container
SOS Pads (the cheap ones 'cause you will need several of them!)

What you want to do:
1. Remove all the hardware and screws from your cabinets (if you haven't already!)
2. Put them all into a glass bowl or a plastic container
3. Pour white vinegar over them all and use enough to cover all the hardware in your container.
4. Let soak for several hours. (We let ours soak overnight!)
5. Use an SOS pad to scrub your hardware, Rinse. Completely dry.
6. Mount your hardware back onto your cabinets!

(As with all things, check on the back side of one of your hardware pieces to make sure that you aren't scratching or damaging your hardware with the SOS pad.)

This is an all-day project.  The time it takes to take down all your cabinets, take off all of the hardware, soaking and scrubbing, then attaching it all back is quite a day depending on how many cabinets you have. Maybe take a weekend and tackle this project! :)

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  1. wow they look so good! im impressed. bathroom looks great too, sounds like it's all coming together. congrats!

  2. Thanks girl! :) We are definitely having fun and staying busy! :)

  3. I was getting ready to hit up home Depot when I came across your project of using brillo pads. It's really working. Thanks.

  4. I started cleaning my cabinet handles yesterday. I mixed vinegar with hot water to soak them for awhile. I also used sos pads, magic erasers, and Bon Ami cleanser. The hardware has been on for 37 years!!! They look like new! It's Lots of work... but I was not prepared to spend a fortune buying new knobs and hinges. Not done yet....but I'm very happy with the results.


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