Bathroom Progress!

Today I got to decorate a little bit! :)

I like to completely clean and disinfect every thing before starting to decorate a room! So naturally, I grabbed the cleaners and Murphy's Oil Soap, opened the window and went to town cleaning the bathroom. I scrubbed the tub, scrubbed the sink, scrubbed the floors and wiped the mirror! (and I cleaned the toilet too, but I really dislike the word "toilet" so let's say commode haha)

After all the dirty work... I had a fresh, clean room to work in!
So I took the before pictures and started placing items in the room and here's what I came up with as progress for today! 

Just needs one more thing!
haha didn't notice the shower curtain in the middle of
the picture when I took it! :P

We have a few more ideas! :)

By the way, this tub is super clean!
Just has a stain that I can't seem to remedy!
It has been bleached though so you can rest at ease :)

Ah, The Remedy :)
Now there are still a couple more things that I am working on....
I'm working on some really cute art
for above the commode :)
I will have a blog post about it when I
finish them up!

And this door needs something...or the walls...
can't decide what to do yet..
I might see if some dark bronze sconces
work there on the right side? I have some
already so it would be a freebie! ;)
Think. Think. Think.
Okay, I'm off to work on this art so we can all see what it looks like! :)


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