Journey of the Dining Room Part 1

So exciting to have one room completely finished (except for maybe some art or sconces on the wall...hmm...) but really we are really happy with the simplicity for now!

Successful Progress!
Can't wait to get some other little things in here!
Now to show you our journey of getting to this point! :)

First things first.
We find it is best to fill all your holes and wipe down all your trim and baseboards first. Along with cleaning your windows!

Next... Paint!

We chose Valspar's Filtered Shade color for
our dining room and completely love it!
Take a look at it here.
Wasn't very thrilled about this gold chandelier. So I had
one that I bought on Craigslist a couple months back for
cheap and spray painted it black!

Joe's Papaw is in town and taught us how to
do several things around the house!
Like hanging this chandelier! :)

Also, he helped by using his muscles and getting
the curtains hung up!
(Everyone who is in town this week is
helping us get all settled in way faster than
we thought we would!)
I took a down low project and didn't like the
sight of this alarm system gadget from way back here's what I did...
Got a cover for only a quarter!
It improves the look of the room so much!
Now to show off a house-warming gift from Gram :)

Isn't this awesome!? Perfect shade for our
dining room colors (Plum, Gray, White and Black)!
I'm in love with this vase and will buy some more
coffee beans to fill it up and stick my flower down
in it and it sits in the middle of the dining room table!
We have some incredibly thoughtful family :)
(with good taste too!)
This will have to be part one because of complications with the computer and photos...So these two posts will be marked "Part 1" and "Part 2" :)
Hope you are enjoying see what we've been doing in the dining room!

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