Blurbs on the Kitchen :)

Gosh, so many ideas are floating through my head of what I want to see happen in our kitchen. I love how it is coming along though. The journey of priming, painting, cleaning hardware and so on has been wow. But oh my goodness, so worth it! It is starting to look awesome in there! Let me show you some pictures to show you what I'm thinking :)

Here is our progress on the kitchen so far...I'm really in
love with the white cabinets, the dark gray/white walls,
and the eco-friendly bamboo shade on the door. I think
the black ceramic canisters really make a great statement
on the counter too.

I really like the idea of floating white shelfs in the kitchen.
We have that one completely blank dark gray wall that
needs something. But more than a picture or quote...
it needs something functional, yet simple...

Above the sink. There is a dark gray part of the wall
that is blank. Since there is no light or anything
above it I want to put some type of decor up there.
It will draw the eyes up into the room to make it look bigger
and give the kitchen a good feel.
I want to put 2 or 3 of these small square frames centered
over the window. I want to use natural themes in them.
I'm thinking of even putting twigs in one and maybe a
sand dollar in one and who knows in the other ;)
This is the other side of the kitchen. I still need to get another
small brown basket for the shelf on the right that we put
together for under $10 :) This works out great for a little extra
storage btw..I love our plant on top of the refrigerator with the
knife set..we are trying to follow the guidelines with plants.
You need 1 plant per 100 sq. ft in your house to keep the air clean!
We found the best ones that our good for indoors and grab up
the air pollutants such as carbon monoxide. You can find the link on
our facebook page if you wanna read up :)

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