Goodbye to Our Apartment

We want to take you on a tour of apartment! 
This has been our home for the past 2 years :)

The Official Tour

We lived on the ground level. 2BR/2BA apartment.

A view of our patio as you are walking to the door.
We are this way... :)

Welcome to our apartment! 
(Thats now empty!)

Living Area with patio door shown straight ahead. The
door is there on the right where you see the little bit
of tile :)
Living Area

Dining area. We painted this accent wall right when we
moved in two years ago.
Tip: Remember when living in an apartment you will have
to prime the wall before moving. Took us 3 coats to
get this wall white without it bleeding through.
Think if you are really gonna wanna take the time to paint
and then prime it before leaving! :) 

First door on right is the guest bathroom

The guest bathroom led into the
guest bedroom

Guest Room

Guest Room
Back to the hallway...into the end room
which was our bedroom!
We had a pretty huge bedroom. Super nice!

Walk-in Closet ;)

Going to miss the storage in this closet!

From our walk-in closet you went into
the master bath

Where Joe is cleaning the sink at the moment :P
BTW..this is after priming! We had a color in here
called Eucalyptus or something :)
Now back down the hall into the living area
Off the dining area is the kitchen :)

Through the sliding door in the kitchen
is the pantry/laundry room.

Also a utility style room :P

Looking from inside the laundry room out into the
kitchen and dining area
And that's it!

Now, let us tell you...
Today was our last official day of having our apartment. So we had to go over there and finish getting all of the little stuff that is such a pain to pack and you take tons of trips to the truck and back and you feel like it's a never ending cycle...
Plus, we had to prime an entire bathroom & the red accent wall in our dining area.
Made for a loooong day...
But, where did we put all of our stuff we brought over? Oh boy. This is fun...

It's all sitting in our dining room...
So, we need to find everything a home. And soon. 'Cause Laura can't stand seeing this big huge mess in her once finished and clean dining room!  ;)

There ya have it. The story of our day and our apartment where we lived for two years...
We hope you had fun seeing the last place we called home :)

---J & L---

p.s. loving these on!    

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