A great way to stay organized in your project and to stay away from buying items you don't need is to make a wanted list. For instance, here is part of my wanted list:
Whenever I am out and about I make sure I look for what is on my list instead of trying to see what will fit. When you are first starting to plan your project it's great to look around and get ideas but since I already have gotten all my ideas together, I need to make sure I stay within budget and find what I know I really want! (Always know what the maximum price is you want to pay for an item too!)
I always start with Craigslist, yard sales and goodwill because most of the time that is where you will find your wanted items the cheapest. 
I also have lists online for stores (like a registry!). For example, I have a Target list that I check every day to see if one of my items has gone on sale! 
This set of Corelle dishes were on sale for $19.99 when they were
originally $29.99 and I saw that they were on sale on my Target
list and immediately went and snatched a set up!
There are good ways of saving whether it be coupons or just waiting for something to go on sale or even better, clearance!

Why we chose Corelle: After some research, we found that glass is one of the safest type of dinnerware. They are dishwasher and oven safe. Corelle is lightweight and won't chip. Stone is great too, but we found with our last set that they chip more and they are just plain heavy for every day use. 

Why not use plastic? Plastic is usually made with melamine and has formaldehyde and urea in it, both of which are toxic to our bodies. Also, when throwing plastic away that contains melamine you should take good care to make sure it's recycled properly because when it breaks down, the formaldehyde and urea are both exposed.  

Joe and I are all about healthy and organic living, 
we try to use all environmental friendly products!

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