A Happy Face :D

We have two Jack Russell Terriers and Rolie just loves water..he loves taking a bath and drinking so much water while in the tub that we have to take him outside every 10 minutes after a bath! He decided that he wanted a bath (I'm guessing!) so he jumped in the tub and I couldn't get him to get out!
I even tried shutting the curtain on him and this is
the look he gave me : ) He is one happy boy!
Now, that I've shown you our little man...You have got to see our little lady! 
(she'd be jealous!)
Meet Roxy..She's our "firstborn" :)
She was younger here but I couldn't resist this picture! It shows her
personality perfectly!

Welcome to the life of our young family! :)

p.s. we have nicknames for our "kids"
Rox and Rolls
So if you read an unfamiliar name of a little four legged kid....

Real Name:                            Nicknames:
               Roxy                    The Roo, Roo-Roo and Rox
                           Rolie                Fatty, Rolls, Rolie-Polie and Roland

Can't promise that other nicknames won't evolve :P

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