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Tonight has been a good night...even though I am currently under-the-weather as they say. Yep, can't breathe without my mouth open and so on :(
But on the UP side...I sat outside for a couple hours and drew my other 8x10 picture for our house! 
A couple months ago (wow, it has been a while!) I drew Batman just because I couldn't sleep one night and then I saw it and liked it... a lot :0)

So, I've been wanting a set of 8x10's because one hanging just doesn't seem right...it needs something to balance it out...
So that brings us to tonight! I grabbed my new box of colored pencils that Joe bought me a few weeks ago, (one of those surprise bring home gifts! Love it!) and I wanted to put them to good use and attempt drawing Robin...
Now the only problem is...my new colored pencils are way brighter and awesomer (thanks crayola) compared to my cheap off brand ones I had before that I drew Batman with...
So I need to go back over Batman with my new pencils and brighten up the color a bit!

Do you think they would look good in black frames in our master bedroom?
Do you think they would look good in white frames in our living room?

Let me know where YOU think they should go!

Another project that I'm working on (that goes along with these drawings) is the idea of putting comic strips into frames and making a collage of my favorite comics, etc. Maybe even put some odds and end thing like movie ticket stubs and memory stuff in the frames with cute paper backgrounds...or comic paper backgrounds :)
Lots of projects and ideas going on here! 

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