We switched blogs!

We are just trying to keep you on your toes :P 

The other blog will remain up to see archives, but this is our official blog. We were having trouble getting Google to let us make an account because of my cache needing to be reset (oops!) so I tried again tonight after almost a month of our other blog and it worked! Joe and I are big Google fans so we wanted to come over to Blogger :) 

Yesterday there were big storms that came through Nashville and we lost some limbs...tree limbs that is! Here is the evidence of the storms that blew through..

So the process of picking up all these limbs starts tomorrow! 

Today, I started on the kitchen (since I'm done with the dining room!) This color is one that Joe had liked on one of our many color swatches and then Joe's Gram saw it and thought it would look good in our kitchen! Don't you know that Grandma's Know Best?! Here is part of the kitchen with the color that Gram picked out and we are in love with!

That Dark Gray at the top is the color Gram thought
looked good and I couldn't agree more!

It looks great looking into the dining room from the kitchen!

Excuse the mess on the stove, we're in the process of moving! ;)

This morning, I stopped in at Fred's to see if they had another Plum Colored pillow like I had gotten before and sure enough they still had a few! (Don't know how because they are so cute!) But I am excited that I got another one! I also looked around at some prices of other things such as curtain rods and I found two of these...

These curtain rods are really cute and dark bronze colored! Perfect for our sheer curtains!

Target Pillow from Fred's - $7.99
Curtain Rods - $4.80 each (on sale!)

All of this is for our dining room!
A moment of my afternoon was taken up with this thought that Joe and I had been asking ourselves...Why is there a door to the kitchen? Why do we need a door to the kitchen?

 Couldn't find a good enough reason to keep it..in my mind, it's just taking up space that 
we could be using so I decided to whip out my screwdriver and take it off! 
Plus, it's one less thing to have to paint! ;)

See how tough I can be? 
don't laugh! ;)

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day! 70 degrees and sunny!
The Plan: Well, you'll see tomorrow! :)

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