Paint Me White in the Sunshine!

Yes, I swear our cabinets were screaming at me today...

First step today was taking off all the cabinets..

Manually, without a power drill I might add..

Next step was taking  off all the hardware from the cabinet doors and drawers...

This is what the cabinet doors looked like after the primer..

Not too bad (besides the edges)

But here they are after 3 coats of paint!

Ah! There are looking so pretty : )

Now, the roses eh they alright but I'm a little eccentric when it comes to putting my utensils/glasses on other peoples cabinet paper..So, I went to Ace Hardware and picked up a couple rolls of basic tan contact paper...


When using contact paper, make sure to peel the back off as you go and smooth it with your hand while pulling the paper. Otherwise you will end up with lots of bubbles and creases. I like to line it up in the front corner and then work my way to the back of the cabinet, so if any bubbling occurs it will be at the back where you can't see and it's easier to push the air out. If you do get a bubble, just use something sharp like a needle, and poke the bubble and smooth it out! 
The new, but cheap tan contact paper made it clean and modern!

Done! Just need to get the hardware cleaned up so we can attach them !

This is just so you can get an idea of what it is going to look like in the end :)
Now, I know I said I was going to be moving some dining room furniture into the house today but sad to say it didn't happen..BUT it will be happening here soon! :) Once I finish painting the kitchen then we are going to let the other decorating begin! The kitchen is going to have a sort of cafe look to it. We have the cutest cafe latte clock that we got for our wedding a few years back that we love! 
This is definitely getting attention in the kitchen!
And, of course, our famous in-front-of-the-kitchen-sink rug :)
Also, a wedding gift :)
Also, the weather today was gorgeous so I tried to do all my painting outside..
You can't really tell in this pictures..But, our front yard has tons of purple flowers in it!

So there's my day in a nut-shell :) Tomorrow after work I'm hoping to finish up painting everything in the kitchen! *crosses fingers!*

Now that Spring is here, are there any projects that you want to do? Maybe just deep clean, maybe paint a bedroom or a kitchen? Tell us what you want to tackle first this year! :)


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  1. Your work ethic is very motivational and inspirational!

  2. I posted a comment on the other blog at wordpress. here it is again....

    Your house is so cute! Congratulations! If you need any prints for your new walls let me know!

    or something like that. It looks great!

  3. Thank you!!

    We are very excited to share all of our projects! :)


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