Dine with me?

Last night as I was looking online at different stores looking for clearance items (I like to see if what I want is super cheap!) I found something that is exactly what I've been looking for! 
A Bistro Set! 

You will never believe what I paid for this and it was brand new in box from the store. Let me just say...sometimes..I just love Wal-Mart. They have some awesome deals! I paid $48 plus tax so about $52 for this set on clearance! If you have checked into any bistro sets even cheap ones are $99 so this made my day month! :)

Our patio is coming right along now, since we have this new little set. I moved the other table we had outside (which was brown until yesterday) over to the side so I could still use it for our candle lanterns and our bamboo plant.

The Blue lantern is from Pier 1 (thank you to my step-mom!)
and the yellow lantern is from Homegoods which I got on
clearance for $3 :)
The bamboo plant is another one I made with $2. Dollar Tree
has $1 clear glass candle holders and the $1 bag of river rock!

Since we love sitting outside & when nephews or our niece come for a visit we have chalk for them to draw on the concrete with. My chalk was still in the Circo plastic container that it came in with no lid. Didn't look super pretty on the patio so I grabbed a small paint can and cleaned it up (You can also buy them clean for like .90 cents at Ace or another hardware/paint store. I would suggest this. It's way easier!) and put the chalk inside!
(Thanks to Courtney & Derek for the chalk! It's an awesome gift!)

Boom! Perfectly clean outside with the messy
chalk on the inside! Plus it looks cute!
I'm going to put a label on the outside of
the can that says "Chalk"
We also are going to keep other outside games
that are small in paint cans with labels!
Can't wait to show you what we have in mind!

Now that you know the details of our patio so far..here is how it's looking all together!

I think it's the perfect setting for breakfast or a late night chat by candlelight.
I honestly can't wait till Fall/Winter when it gets cold at night and you have to wear a hoodie and we can sit out here with Chai Latte's & pretend we are in Paris or Rome. 
I have a good imagination, I know ;)
Or you know afternoon tea at Laura's house..

Okay enough of the perfect scenarios.

Have you ever gotten a great deal on something you've been searching for?
Can't wait to hear from you!


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  1. i think hanging plants around and a pot of flower/plant on the centerpiece will complete the look of the place

  2. I agree with you! I have an old lantern that sits in the middle of the table for light at night now but I love the idea of maybe some ferns hanging about! :) Thanks for the ideas! Hopefully we will get some soon and you can see how it progresses! :)


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