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Tonight I am feeling office-y because I am currently blogging at my desk in my office/guest bedroom! (Hence the typewriter font)I'm thinking it's the paper clips and post it notes that gave me the urge. Anyways...Our guest bedroom/office has been so neglected..piled with stuff & then cleared real fast for company...but still was in the baby blue/dark wood stage. Then I showed you the guest room progress a few days ago when I started painting. Today I decided to buckle down & finish it! (At least to the point where it is starting to look like a guest room/office!) 

When we moved in..

I primed that window to see what it would look like in there with white trim on the blue walls...and I just wasn't liking it so..
I painted! This color is called Crossroads by Royal Paint (Ace Hardware Brand)
This is it with the Crossroads by Royal Paint (Ace Hardware Brand) on the walls and the trim/door the same as we moved in. I removed the mirror off the door because I'd rather have a full length mirror in our bedroom :)
I do believe this is a pretty old the look of that tag on the back..

Mirror free!

Make sure you wipe down your doors before painting...they can be dustier than you think!

White doors = Clean!

It makes a huge difference in the room :)

I went ahead and hung my black & white photo string above my desk. And this is the wall that the postcard shelves will be hung on ;) 

My office area!!! :)
I did finally cut that ribbon hanging down on the right...I promise haha

Wanna know how easy this was?
I used a candle holder that was just sitting in the attic and put some rocks & water in it. Pinched off a couple pieces of our bamboo plant we had and instantly it's my desk friend :)

Oh & do you see the little paper clip holder in the background? Well, I have 4 of those..I'm not exactly sure what they are but I think they are for in the kitchen for sauces or something. But they have that cute little handle on them! Love them! So I have 2 of them on my desk. One is holding paper clips and the other a candle :)
Yep. My pen/pencil holder is actually an outdoor candle lantern from Dollar General that I've had for years. I wanted something to give color to my desk but stay with the feel of the room & boom! I got an awesome pencil holder from a candle holder
yet again! :)
This is my most favorite lamp. If you've been reading our blog for a while you probably noticed it was on my "Wanted List" ;)        ($2 baby!)
I'm enjoying sitting and blogging here at my desk :)
(I really need to find a small lamp shade!)

I'm loving how this room came from blah to cute in 
just a few days! :) 

Total cost of room so far:

$7 - Black & White photo string 
(Have lots of extra supplies for another one too!)
$16 - Desk chair (includes spray paint)
$2 - White skinny lamp
Free - Bamboo plants
$10 - Solid wood desk 
(we painted white with extra paint & bought a couple months ago!)
$15 in Trim/Door Paint

=$50 for our office/guest bedroom
I think this room looks pretty doggone good for $50 :)

What's your favorite room in your house? Is it your office? Your living room? Tell me! :)


p.s.Can't wait to get some curtains hung & the postcard shelves up! This room is going to be my favorite place to work!

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  1. Wow that space looks really fabulous. I've been contemplating painting doors in our finished basement white, they look so fresh.

    By the way, great deal on the bistro set, it's lovely on your patio!

  2. Thank you! :)

    (I say go for the paint! ;) It does make everything look so clean & bright!


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