How To Make Tea Leaves

Nothing says fresh, like your own freshly dried herbs!
Use herbs for Tea, Cooking, Baking and soothing scents!

I have two herbs on my back step. Lemon Balm & Mint.

Lemon Balm
I wanted to trim back the herbs (besides the little I step out and pinch off while cooking) and use the herbs. But trimming back a lot would mean I'd be having to cook a feast to use it all. I decided I didn't have that many friends or the urge to cook a huge feast so why not dry them out for future use? Yep. That's what I learned how to do. (& It's so easy!)

First, Pick all the herbs you want to dry out
Sometimes there are some bad leaves in the bunch
Just set all those aside in a pile. We don't want to use bad leaves for tea/cooking
Wash all your herbs.
I used mini clothespins, that I already had, to hang the herbs on a ribbon to dry.
You can also look online at different ways to dry out herbs.
I wanted the most natural, instead of using a dehydrator or oven.
(You lose a lot of the oils in the leaves when using those methods.)
Voila! Let them dry out for a few days. They will feel dried out
and  crunch when they are ready to be put into an airtight container!

After a few days...

Make sure your container to keep your herbs is clean and completely dry.
You can get these small jar's that have a rubber seal
for $1 at a craft store like Joanns. 

Start taking down your herbs and pull off the leaves from the stem.
Place inside your container :)

Lemon Balm Herb
I inherited this little glass serving dish from the woman who lived here before us :)
Lemon Balm is sitting next to my Organic Cinnamon Sugar
I was anxious to taste it so I went ahead and brewed a fresh cup of tea!

Boiled some water in my kettle
Poured hot water in cup
Added just 3 leaves
Let it steep for 3-5 minutes
(depending on the strength you want)
Remove leaves..
Enjoy a perfect cup of tea!

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  1. So perfect! I was just about to tackle this project but I was unsure of where to begin!

  2. So glad it helped you! :) Thanks for reading!


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