Back From the Unknown Hiatus

Wow! Who knew so much time would fly by between posts? So sorry to all my friends!

Honestly, not much has changed around our house. Just been so busy working 6 days a week that there really hasn't been any time to tackle any more house projects. I also bought a new (used) car, so money gets tight when things like that pop up. Which I know you know how that goes ;) I am quite happy with my car though! She doesn't break down on me while I am driving AND the windows roll down & up..which is something I haven't had in years. So very blessed to have a working car! Anyhoo...

I hope that you guys have continued on with some awesome projects around the house and I can't wait to read some of your blogs or hear about these projects! 

I am planning on sharing more things than just house projects with you guys too! So watch out for another little bloggy on a little bit of everything in my life ;) 

<<3 Laura

p.s. I totally have had a Pinterest for a while but never really got on it. But my my..I started getting on it a couple days ago again (because girls at work are now on it) and wow. I'm so addicted. It's love :)
If you want an invite just send me your email and I'll send you an invite! and if you are on it lets Pinterest together! :D

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