So Many Projects!!

What a day this has been! I had to work today so I didn't get to the house to start painting till about 4:15pm. But, still got quite a bit done and had some fun hanging out with the hubby tonight too! :O) 

First we tackled more of the kitchen...
(I know it seems like it's taking forever, but really it's just spread out over a couple weeks because of doing a little here and there!)
Oh, and you get to see the new picture's of the kitchen too!!!! Yay!
You can click here to see all the before pictures.
Joe is taking off the cabinet doors and as you can see all
the upper part of the walls are a beautiful medium gray!
Now, I think it's time you see some more put-together looking pictures to show that
we are making progress and part of it is looking really good! :)
We are completely in love with these colors :)
As you can see these cabinets are the last to be painted!
So nice to see something clean and put back together!
All we have left in the kitchen are some cabinets!
Looking into the dining room from the kitchen
Now for a quick tip...

Problem: Cracks between trim/wall and when you paint it leaves a dark line. It doesn't give a clean look...
See how the top has the deep line? and no matter how much
paint you try to stuff in it it always comes back?
Solution: Nail Hole Filler. I showed you the other day the difference in these pictures.
On the bottom of this crack I used the nail hole filler that I picked up from Ace Hardware for just a couple bucks. Works like a charm! Then when you paint, it's perfectly seamless! 
(and crackless!)

Next Project: Cleaning the top of the refrigerator. 
(Yeah, you know how they get!)
It's always the last place you'd think of cleaning...
But, you know me. I'm OCD about a few things..
You will come to find that one of my top 5 favorite cleaning products
is the magic eraser. I use an off-brand kind called Xtreme Sponge which you can get

Just wet your eraser with warm water, squeeze out the extra water and lightly rub the surface
and presto! You have a perfectly white and clean refrigerator!
Project Progress: Hallway

This is the wall color. It's the same as the kitchen.
This is the wall color finished.
The trim has been primed but not painted.
Priming the dark wood so we can paint it white.
Tried to get a different angle for you :)
This was taken from the doorway in the kitchen by the stove.
Our House Projects BATTLE WOUNDS....
be prepared for craziness...



Yeah, I was trying to make you have to move the page down a little bit so you couldn't see what these wounds are until you scroll down....


haha okay, here you go...

Yep, he got me good.
But you know, I got him back better :)

But wouldn't you know he did it right back to me?????

Hah! I bet you thought we had actual wounds...
well actually, I do have a bleeding of the cabinets got feisty with me..

The night ended great with some messy, but oh so good, food!

It's been a cold, stormy day and night so I will leave you with this...
Hoping for a few warm, spring-like days real soon!!

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