The Beginning of Our Outdoor Paradise!

Our landscape appearance is a downer. There's grass  bermuda grass growing all in our flower beds and if you know anything about bermuda grass it grows with a root system like trees. Well maybe not that extent. But it has quite the intertwined  root system that makes it very difficult to dig up. Last night we decided to take the leap into the first section of the flower beds and see what happened. Here is what we came up with on a whim!

Whew. Lots of grass. We dug up the hosta plants and are gonna plant
them in different spots. We wanted to thin these beds out. 
We pulled out this old, plastic landscape border.
And the beds had overgrown onto the driveway so Joe
is digging it off the driveway and pushing the edge back to
where it should be.
All of this came out of the corner bed we mulched. Thats a lot.
Before laying down your mulch, make sure you spray on a weed/grass killer
to keep all those weeds and grass from coming up into your freshly laid
mulch and destroying a couple hours of work ;)
This our first step to getting the landscape looking good :)

This section is next... (hopefully tonight if it doesn't rain!)
And then this section will be oh so fun :P
We went ahead and started the prep work by spraying all of the poison ivy
that is in this particular forest of a bed.
Can't wait to see the progress in this! :)

That's all I got for this morning..but hey, it's still not even noon!
Can't wait to see what today brings!


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