Two Words: Pressure Washing

It is an amazing tool to use if you have access to one or even have a small one! 
I am amazed at how clean our patio, sidewalks and gutters became!

But, before I show you the awesomeness of pressure washing...
Take a look at what we have been working around...
Yes. TONS of Cicadas!!!

This is our side of the house tree..
Yep. That is too many cicadas..
And they are SO LOUD! Literally, your ears when you come inside feel like you've been at a hard rock/metal show all night. No lie. Just ask Joe... :P

Now that I have shared the yucky-ness of the outdoors lately the past few weeks with you...

So amazing right!?
A few of my favorite pictures that show how well it worked...

Looks soooo good!!

The Patio
Oh! I can't forget to show off the gutters!
Here you go...

See the white in the middle right? We pressured wash that to show the
difference in a picture :)
And then of course, we finished all the gutters :P
Ah, cleanliness is good :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing how you can transform your patios, gutter and 
sidewalks super cheap and super easy! :)


p.s. this is some serious spring cleaning! ;)

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  1. OMG! Those cicadas...we get 6" long poisonous CENTIPEDES in Hawaii but nowhere near as plentiful as your cicadas. They must be deafening! On a more positive the results of the pressure washer. Isn't it so satisfying to do that? Love it :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I'd sooo take these cicadas over something poisonous! and yes they are really loud!!! On the pressure washing comment..Yes! It feels soo good to see instant results and to know that there is no mold or mildew on our patio and sidewalks! :)

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