Another Doorless Cabinet...

Our cabinets have zero doors and open space :)

I did the exact same thing that I did with the other kitchen cabinet 

Here's a little rundown...

Took cabinet doors off. That hinge will not budge so please ignore it for now ;)

All this had to be peeled off..

Painted all the shelves white! 
This cabinet had lots of hole underneath the sticky paper...don't know why?
I sanded everything down for a smooth painting
I like to make painting a little fun ;)

after the first coat it already looks waay better!
The white makes the kitchen look and feel so clean!
I am planning (eventually) to get awesome clear glass canisters
to hold our few items that are stored in our cabinet.
They will hold: Cereal, Oats, Graham Crackers, Chips, etc.

on the left counter: no-bake cookies ;) perfect saturday treat!
The room feels so much bigger by taking off the doors! LOVE it!

I'm thinking of some like this...

And when I was looking for the glass canisters I came across these..

I think this would be so cute for all your spices. You could use small 
labels to write the name of the spice on the outside. 
Then you can have your spices on display and for easy use!

I have this small shelf that would be perfect for 12-16 spices in cute jars...Hmm..

What have you done to make your kitchen feel/look bigger?
Do you have your spices cutely arranged? :)

Now for the Before & Progress Look!


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