In The Kitchen!

Yes I turned our cabinets into a open show off area :)
Like I showed you yesterday, I want to open up the kitchen to look more modern and to give a clean, spacious appearance.

I got inspired by this photo at

I love that it can show off cute dishes and bowls..Even wine glasses!
You can hide stuff in cute baskets and set out recipe books for decor :)

Our Kitchen is really, really neutral right now..

I want to add a splash of color into the decor to give it a 
"I-want-to-be-in-here-and-cook" kind of look :)

However it still is a big improvement to the way it was..

Haha too green for me ;)

So today I started by taking down the two top end cabinets..
(I might do the other side of the sink too..but I want to test it over here first! Sometimes doing too much can ruin the effect!)

Unscrewing all the cabinets...the screws were pretty stripped so we had to use a
good old fashion screwdriver!

And next I took out the dishes and started to peel out all the shelf liner...

flowers anyone?
Then I took off the rest of the hardware...

Before painting, I had to lightly sand and fill the holes with hole filler
I unscrewed the hooks from the shelves and pulled the shelves out.
Wiped everything down with a damp paper towel to make sure that the paint adhered well.
The painting begins! I would suggest a primer but I didn't want to spend any money
on this project so I ended up using 3 coats of paint ;)
first coat of paint..
2 coats...
3 coats of paint!

Roxy and Rolie's Treats :)
Cookbook and Vases

I'm planning on doing the other side too!
The kitchen looks bigger since you can see the back of the cabinet!

In just a few hours our kitchen went from...

To this...

Have you ever wanted to bring decor into your kitchen and make it feel spacious?
Try removing your cabinet doors or trade them for framed glass cabinet doors!

Budget Breakdown:

Paint: Free!
Paintbrush-Already had!
Time: 6 hours. (Had to dry between coats and it was humid!)
Hole Filler-$3.50
Sandpaper-Already had!

Total Cost: $3.50 :) 

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