Filling the Framed Wall

Happy 4th of July!

Joe and I have no plans today for the 4th, but we did manage to eat some good ole hot dogs in celebration. (Sadly, Joe is having to go into work tonight!)
But, today Walgreens is open so I went ahead and edited some photos for our frames that I keep saying I'm going to fill. Today is the day!

Mixed pictures that do not go together and a few don't
have anything in them!

I love using for editing photos. I used it for our Black and White Polaroid String that I did about a month ago. I do have quite the obsession with black and white photos. They look so vintage and keep everything uniform!

A few of the picture's I'm having printed at and
I'm picking them up in about an hour!

This is for the one 8X10 frame that I have!

Do you like to use or another free website to edit your photo's to print? Do you prefer color or black and white? 


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