No Privacy Dilemma..

Our Living Room is anything but private. There are 2 doors that have full glass and half glass windows. We have such a tiny house that you can see a lot of our house through these two windows! We still hadn't put any curtains up after two months, so it was about time!

(Sorry about the dark picture!)

You may know, I do not own a sewing machine 
(and really don't know how to use one!)
So, I was looking for pre-made or easy to make covers for these windows.

I decided to go ahead and buy fabric from Jo-Ann's

I love this fabric because
1. It's white
2. It has detail
3. The lace
4. You can't see through them but light still shows through
AND it was 40% off! :)

I had a plan in mind & on paper of how I would make these window shades.

This is my plan. Using Steam-A-Seam 2 just like I used to make 
the pillows in our bedroom.

First I cut out the length that I needed for the windows. I used the entire width of the fabric so I could "scrunch" the fabric on the rods over the windows.

Then I covered the area of the table where I was going to be using the iron with 3 towels to prevent the heat from getting to the table and discoloring it.

Next I started to use the Steam-A-Seam 2

For the sides I wanted to get rid of the raggedy edging
so I used the steam-a-seam to pull in that edge
for a clean seam.
When using the Steam-A-Seam you place it where you want
it to "Seam" and then pull back the top paper so it becomes
sticky on both sides.
Then fold your fabric over the steam-a-seam and make sure
it looks straight. Once you iron it, it bonds the fabric.
Iron for about 10-12 seconds to create the seam.

Here's the finished seam! :)
Continue this with the other side. Then for the top & bottom I needed a loop for the shade to hang on the rod. So for the top and bottom I pulled extra fabric over the edge and seamed it an inch away from the top so that it created a "loop" for the rod...

Works perfectly!
The small window shade is finished!
[I did the exact same thing for the bigger window :) ]
Using (free) little rods that
we had in our house,
Joe hung up the new homemade shades!

It turned out perfect for the room!
The big door window that I made a
shade for :)
I had a little extra fabric so I decided to use it as a coffee table runner..

I love the way our living room is coming together! :)

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