My Black & White Photo String!

So, in a lot of magazines I have seen this type of thing going on. Clothes pins or paper clips that dangle photos or polaroids from a string and you can hang it around at events or as a unique way to show off pictures in your house. Well, I decided to make my own!

I got a roll of mocha ribbon from Jo-Anns for $2.99

A whole bag of mini wooden clothes pins from Jo-Anns for $2.99

I used for free editing. (Sweet!)
First I uploaded my photo. Went to the "Create". Clicked "Effects". "Black and White".
Next I clicked on the "Frames"and the last one when scrolling down is called "Polaroid" Click on that one to get the same look as mine.
Next click on "Text" and there you can write something on your picture with lots of choices of fonts & colors! Ta Da! Hit Save and you are done! 
Here is how a couple of my turned out:

Not a random's my little younger brother :)
I use the internet for so much because it saves on gas & time. With that said.... I use Walgreens Photo Center to print my pictures! 
All you do is upload them from a folder on your computer, add to cart, change quantity/size if needed, then process the order. You can even pay for it online so all you do is walk into the store & pick them up. (That's what I do!)
Bring them freshly printed photos home & start clothes pinning!

Here's what mine looks like finished! :)

I'm super duper happy with how this turned out!
It gives the perfect vintage modern look & for cheap!

It's not staying in the living room on this wall...I just hung it with tape so you could see how it looked if it were hanging somewhere! :)
Can't wait to get this put in it's home! (Guest room/office hopefully!)

What do you think? Have you thought about doing anything like this with photos before? Maybe for a bridal shower or a birthday?

p.s. I'm still brainstorming on other projects so hold on to your seats! ;)


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