White Peacocks (& Lumiere)

I painted the peacocks and "Lumiere"! I'm thinking wanting some plum purple colored candlesticks for "Lumiere" or I want to paint him purple or something bold and use regular old candlesticks..I'm not sure yet! After a day or so I will probably walk by it enough to see what I really want to do with it...

Does have a for-the-better-change so far. But I'm really thinking I might want to paint it a different color...even black? Hmm...

Okay, now to the peacocks....that I L-O-V-E!

I love these little guys white!

For now, I have put them on our book shelf in the living room. (With my duck head book ends..which I also spray painted..) 

A step back for a better look...The aqua storage bin has got to go. I know. But, it is currently holding our Xbox controllers & Kinect games so it's staying until the bin gets replaces with perhaps 2 small woven baskets..

Another shot of the living room which is still a work in progress...

The frames..they still need to be filled properly! Some are empty, some are awful and then maybe one will stay..I'm wanting to do black & white photos & fill some frames with things like postage stamps or newspaper articles!

This morning, (After a little cleaning) I have been sitting here writing out my ideas & hopes for our dining room & living room & bedroom...okay maybe every room haha. But it's a good way to keep my thoughts organized and to not forget what we want to see our home become. Back to that for me & then I must go to actual work (my job) in the early afternoon. I hope you guys are having a good wednesday morning!
(I just might be posting a couple of my ideas in a bit, depending on how much time I have!)


p.s. sing along to have an even better morning :)

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  1. They look great in white! Love the duck heads, too...where'd you get them?

  2. Thank you!! I actually got all of these from thrift stores! Super cheap too! The duck heads were somewhere like $3 (for 2!) & the peacocks I got for $5 (for 2!) & "Lumiere" the candlestick holder I got half priced for $3! So, I got all of that for like $11! Thrift stores & Good Will is a great place to shop if you like to paint! :)

  3. Oh I have a cabinet filled with thrift store goodies just waiting for when I get the urge to spray paint! Just finished a vase/decanter with a cool pattern...painted it Summer Squash and I think it'll live in our entryway. I'm always on the hunt for animals at our thrift stores, though, and for some reason there's never anything good. So weird!

  4. Yeah its hard to find good ones! I'd love to see a picture of what you painted! You can either post it on our Facebook or give me the link to it on here if you have time! :)


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