What Are Some Ways to be Green?

What do you like to do to be friendly to our planet and to $ave you money?

A few of the ways Joe and I save money and help "recycle":

Water Your Plants with your Dehumidifier!
In our basement we have a dehumidifier which we have to empty twice a day. (A dehumidifier keeps the moisture out of the air to prevent mold & mildew.) We have saved gallon milk containers (cleaned!) and every day we pour the water into the gallon containers. We have many saved up a lot of water from before spring time watering was needed. Every day we use about 4 gallons of water to water our plants and small garden! 
Boo yah! No getting out the hose and wasting good water!
If you don't have a dehumidifier, get a rain barrel! You can put it by your gutter spout and catch all the water to use for watering plants, flowers & gardens!

Wash Your Clothes on Cold!
Did you know you save almost $100 a year by washing your laundry in cold water vs hot?
Even washing on warm compared to hot saves you around $50 a year!
Save on your electric bill!

Change Your Light Bulbs!
We use all CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) light bulbs. In our first full month using them it took $45 off our electricity bill! I was amazed! We have become more conscious about turning off lights and using natural (sun) light whenever possible too. Our electricity bill has been so much lower! (Like consistently saving $50 a month now!)

Those are just a few of the ways we like to save & help 
do our part of keeping our world healthy. 

What are some of the ways you are being green & saving 
along the way this year?


p.s. We have a new project that we are working on today! After I finish posting this I shall get back to it so you can guys can see a post! :)

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