Being Bold With Color Today...

A Day Off=A Little Thrifting!

Found some "gonna-be-cute" items at the thrift store today!

Funny, I know but ever since watching Beauty & The Beast when I was little, I have wanted a candle holder with the three arms. (Like Lumiere)


Today, I found one! (& for only 3 buck-a-roons!)
Too bad mine doesn't sing & dance too...This guy coulda been famous..

Not as handsome as Lumiere, but I think it'll do just fine with a little love.

I'm always on the look out for figurines that can be spray painted and use for decor on book shelves, etc. Take a look at these two peacocks I got for 5 bucks! So $2.50 a piece ain't too shabby! Not digging the gold, but maybe a white or perhaps I will go bold with these little guys and throw a pop of color in a room!

On top of all these small treasures, I found a chair for our bedroom! 

$12 for a very sturdy, solid wood chair. 
*happy dance*
Now watch the boldness of color be shown in just a little bit! 
(And hopefully it turns out how I'm hoping! haha)

Now let the transformations begin!


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