Back to the Kitchen!

I have this huge blank wall that just screams at me for something to be hung on it. 


I really would love to put a white shelf or two
above the dishwasher...eventually! :)

For now (cause I like Free Projects) I grabbed two 8x10 frames that were not in use and painted them white (of course!) and snipped 2 pages from my Better Homes and Garden magazines. I used those magazine article clippings for my "Art"!
They turned out like this:

L-O-V-E them! :)
Plus, it gives me inspiration while making dinner!

Because I have cheap frames..they tend to have a crack look here and there.
See the little black line on the bottom?
I tackled it with just some hole filler! Works like a charm!
I had to do several parts of the frame to make it look "flush" with the side

It's a start..
Can't wait to make that chalkboard! :)
Have you ever made art for your frames out of magazine articles? Or have you cut out multiple small pictures and made a collage inside a frame? Post pictures of what you are doing or what you have done at :) See you there!

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  1. Clever and thrifty idea. I think you should find more and do a larger grouping of them. :)

  2. Thats a great idea Viv! Thanks!! I also can't wait to get the chalkboard finished and hung!! :)


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