Future Projects :)

I have been on BHG.com a lot lately and have just seen so many things I want to do! Plus, gave me ideas of how to do other projects! 
I love being so inspired by others and their creativity!

I wanted to share some projects I hope to undertake one day!

All of these pictures are from BHG.com
Head over there to get even more house decorating ideas and even recipes 
and gardening tips! 

What I want to take from this bathroom: The open shelving! I love the idea of drawing the eye
up to make the bathroom appear bigger and to give some decor storage for bathroom items
such as t.p. and extra washcloths! I also love the idea of small plants on the back of the throne ;)
What I want to snatch: I want to make our kitchen feel more spacious and open by
taking off some cabinet doors and displaying the mugs/bowls/etc. Mine will need a good
paint job but maybe even through in a pop of color on the back of the wall using paint or
wallpaper (or even heavy gift wrap paper!)

This is just a great example of decorating a coffee table!
I've been on the look out for months for a serving tray for our
coffee table! I got to get some books from the attic and knick-knacks
that I know I have around and create a gorgeous looking coffee table display!

Okay, so there's one more picture I'm dying to show you that I want to do! But BHG.com is HUGE and I cannot find this certain photo! So I guess it'll have to wait... *sigh*

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